Eid Al-Adha Ceremony

Amidst the all the rat race, festivals come as a breath of fresh air for the Muslims. there are thousands of festivals which are celebrated all around the year and now the world is celebrating Eid-AL-Adha, the festival of sacrifice. it is observed for three days .festival means food, shopping (new clothes ,bangles, etc) and loads of smiles everywhere. the relatives from different countries come to meet the family , some of major dishes typical of Eid are-(shya, kabab,etc .)they are prepared and distributed to neighbors and friends to express  the feeling of friendship and peace .by shortly it is a time to rejoice forgetting all differences.

We constructed special ceremony for Eid occasion to the children and their families , in Telemark Red Cross (Kverndalsgata 7 in Skien) at 16 Nov first day of Eid.

The invitation included three Arab communities (Sudan-Iraq-Plastin).the program aims to integration cultural and reflect the role play of Red Cross Youth towards the children and society. also it was good chance for us to submitting  presentation reflects our activities . The program includes:

interdiction about Eid day, presentation about our mission in Telemark, move,  Red Cross message 10min,  RC local youth group message 20min, Competition &quiz, gifts for children.

 The number of attenders reached to 34 of adults, and 33of children, so we submitted 40 gifts for all the kids. it was a nice day for children and families they were got a lot of fun and enjoyment. 




First Aid

أقمنا ورشة عمل في مجال الإسعاف الأولي في يوم 3/11/2010م , حيث حضر عدد (10) من متطوعي وحدة شباب الصليب الأحمر بمنطقة  شين  

شملت الورشة شرح كيفية التنفس الصناعي والإنعاش القلبي لكبار والأطفال عبر برنامج العرض ألتقديمي بالإضافة شرح عملي بواسطة الفيدي و ومن ثم التطبيق العملي من قبل المبعوثين الشباب بواسطة مجسمات التنفس الصناعي , وفي ختام الورشة تم عرض الأربعة النقاط الأساسية لعملية الإسعاف .

We held workshop for first aid on 3rd November 2010 , Where  attended (10) persons from Skien local youth group .

Included a workshop to explain how  CPR for adults and children .through a short presentation as well as explain by video and then the practical application by us and  by ventilator Models, at the close of the workshop were presented the four main points of the First aid .