Fryesdal visit …زيارة فريسدال

During our plan for this month we are visited Fryesdal Red Cross. Fyresdal is the westernmost municipality of Telemark district. its consists of several little villages north of the municipal centre, in the main valley of Fyresdal, and on the western and southeastern shores of Fyresvatn (Lake Fyresdal), one of Norway’s deepest lakes. The municipal centre of Fyresdal is Moland. This is the location of the municipal assembly, the school, the community house, kindergartens, the home for the elderly, and most of the commercial enterprises in the village. Moland is the most heavily populated area of Fyresdal.

Birtedalen is a popular place for people who set up mountain cabins.  Across the scenic and mighty mountain of Våmur where one can see the lake from up above. The Rescue team  of Red Cross  is only able to respond so quickly and comprehensively to emergencies operations. Arne dag the leader of Rescue Team said: we have a control centre it consist of communications devices & GPS that making us ready all the time to response at any request for assistance. Also he gave us specifically explanation about the rescue team mission. In Saturday morning he led us to huge mountain and show us some practical work of the rescue team, also gave us short training about snow scooter driving, also we met in the evening the rest of staff in their premises, so we discuss with them some issues which concerning by the work also we presented tow presentation under title How to being delegate & Sudanese red crescent activities.